Vertaallab 63 Anton Papleka – DORA E PRERË

  Një dorë e këputur nga shpërthimi i një bombe Dergjej në një tryezë spitali Si dora e një statuje të thyer E kujt qe ajo dorë ? A mos vallë qe dora e një skribi nga Uruku Që shkroi Epin e Gilgameshit Në pllaka deltine ? A mos vallë qe dora e Hamurabit Që shkroi kodin e ligjeve ? A mos vallë qe dora e Sheherazades Që mbushi More...

by Rozalie Hirs | Published 10 jaar ago
By Rozalie Hirs On dinsdag, maart 11th, 2014

Vertaallab 62 Dorothea Lasky/ Joost Baars – Poem to an unnameable man/ Gedicht aan een onnoembare man

  Poem to an unnameable man You have changed me already. I am a fireball That is hurtling towards the sky to where you are You can choose not to look up but I am a giant orange ball That is throwing sparks More...

By Rozalie Hirs On dinsdag, februari 11th, 2014

Vertaallab 61 Saut Situmorang – aku adalah mayat

  yang terapung di sungai di samping rumahmu aku adalah laki laki itu yang kemarin berpapasan denganmu tapi tak kau hirau aku adalah laki laki itu yang melompat masuk ke dalam bus kota sesak dengan anak anak More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zaterdag, februari 1st, 2014

Vertaallab 60 Jeroen Nieuwland – Diffractions

  your chair is your enemy the modern machines encourage you to sit down I began dictating vertically  rapid heliospheres she shows the inside of her skirt first act of rebellion / final act of opportunism More...

By Rozalie Hirs On maandag, januari 27th, 2014

Vertaallab 59 Jane Draycott – This Storm

  This storm tonight has really stirred people up: the street’s deserted, cleared for the marathon of the wind, the dry twigs setting off hotfoot, the river of dead leaves lively as anything racing toward More...

By Rozalie Hirs On woensdag, januari 22nd, 2014

Vertaallab 58 Miłosz Biedrzycki – Gen-e alogia

  Lebiega i niemota mieli córę lebiodę i synka neptyka. Oblojdra z łajzą mieli oblojzę i bardzo go kochali. Z jedną Amerykanką jadę pod Rzeszów wykopywać jej korzenie w lesie. Punkt piąty: Emily More...

By Rozalie Hirs On donderdag, januari 16th, 2014

Vertaallab 57 Vanessa Place – Man leaps to death

____ The Boston Review called Vanessa Place “the spokesperson for the new cynical avant-garde,” the Huffington Post characterized her work as “ethically odious,” and HTML Giant says, “Wait, Vanessa More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zondag, januari 12th, 2014
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Vertaallab 56 Erwin Messmer – Flaniermeile, Herbstgelb, Wie du mich magst, Zeitlupe

  Flaniermeile   Liebespaare ziehen Spuren durch die Luft die du nur riechen kannst Spuren heissen Atems Spuren aus Kampfparolen die der Zeit gelten Schwurspuren sie führen von der Zukunft stracks zurück More...

By Rozalie Hirs On woensdag, november 27th, 2013

Vertaallab 55 Michael Symmons Roberts/ Eva Gerlach – portrait of the psalmist as an ultra-singer/ portret van de psalmdichter als ultra-zanger

portrait of the psalmist as an ultra-singer I sing for fear I’ll hear the still small voice and not like what it says, I croon to make my skull full as a squat hive and the honey is my cracked song, my sting in More...

By Rozalie Hirs On maandag, oktober 21st, 2013

Vertaallab 54 John Keats/ Jan Kuijper – Ode on Melancholy/ Ode aan de neerslachtigheid

    Ode on Melancholy No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist Wolf’s-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine; Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kiss’d By nightshade, ruby grape More...

By Rozalie Hirs On vrijdag, augustus 30th, 2013
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Vertaallab 53 Uljana Wolf – doppelgeherrede

ich ging ins tingeltangel, lengevitch angeln. an der garderobe bekam jede eine zweitsprache mit identischen klamotten, leicht gemoppeltes doppel. die spiegel aber zeigten nur eine von uns, ich schluckte: kalte spucke, More...

By Rozalie Hirs On woensdag, augustus 21st, 2013

Vertaallab 52 Lynn Melnick – Landscape with Blood and Boondocks

  All the cats compass out at night to verify my homelessness though you can’t   expect me to claw for food while most everyone else is sleeping. I’ll just as soon not eat.   xxxxxxI don’t want More...

By Rozalie Hirs On maandag, augustus 19th, 2013
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Vertaallab 51 Simone Kearney – In Threes (excerpt)

       sun is rising it has risen there is radio       “empty” sucks you can’t use it where you enter?       mirage of floats o white boa! addicted to escape       I More...

By Rozalie Hirs On vrijdag, augustus 16th, 2013
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Vertaallab 50 Julia Idlis – Деревья разговаривают шёпотом донных вод/ Door fluisterend grondwater spreken de bomen

*   Деревья разговаривают шёпотом донных вод, шелестом у корней. Медленные слова капают, как смола или дикий мёд; я More...

By Rozalie Hirs On vrijdag, augustus 9th, 2013
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Vertaallab 49 Zdravko Kecman – GRAD & ČITAV DAN

GRAD xxxxxxxSinu Žarku I Dali ste zapazili: U gradu nema više pasa lutalica U gradu nema ni mačaka na krovovima da se umivaju šapama pred jugovinu U gradu nema ni ptica ne čuje se ni jedan cvrkut U gradu ne More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zaterdag, juli 20th, 2013

Vertaallab 48 Pascal Riou – PÂQUES

  à François Cheng   L’herbe, ici, a bien été foulée ; quelqu’un aura donc marché dans le jardin ; et tant l’herbe est courbée il semble qu’il y ait même dormi, respiré.   Avec More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zaterdag, juli 13th, 2013

Vertaallab 47 Ольга Мартынова (Olga Martynova) – Четыре длинные минуты

  1. Четыре длинные минуты смеялась ласточка во сне (здесь ночи коротки) и бормотала, и потела под крылом, потом вздохнула, More...

By Rozalie Hirs On woensdag, juli 3rd, 2013

Vertaallab 46 Олег Юрьев (Oleg Jurjew) – СТИХИ С ЮГА

  СТИХИ С ЮГА (III – СМЕРТЬ ВЕРГИЛИЯ; ЗАПОЗДАВШИЕ НОВОСТИ) 1. От Италии холерной до Далмации-чумы слышен мерный шлеп More...

By Rozalie Hirs On dinsdag, juni 25th, 2013
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Vertaallab 45 CA Conrad – (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual & Resulting Poem

  UNKNOWN DURATION OF FEAR xxxxxxxxxxxx–for Dawn Lundy Martin No matter how many human beings are born to overflow the land, we are still careful to touch.  We are careful with the touching.  On an More...

By Rozalie Hirs On donderdag, juni 6th, 2013

Vertaallab 44 LK Holt – Poem for Brigid

  ‘…it is frightening to be a soul,/ marked in the Book of Judgment  once a month,/ because you haven’t lived much, and are alive.’ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxElizabeth Hardwick, as quoted by Robert Lowell       ‘There’re More...

By Rozalie Hirs On donderdag, mei 23rd, 2013

Vertaallab 43 Joe Hall – Trailer Park, Homes, Our Lady of Supreme Happiness

  TRAILER PARK   In an algorithm of trees exploding in your face, shaved from soap in a prison cell, in a pair of yellow finches alighting from high power lines over all these dudes lying on their beds, More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zondag, maart 17th, 2013
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Vertaallab 42 Yanko González Cangas – Ve

  Ve que soy su madre/ v/ ve que la visión suya está borrosa/ no v / terminar sería la cola/ sacaría lastimarse por la pura/ no v/ v/ hasta aquí su labio dice que está entero/ y para qué nos pega con More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zondag, februari 10th, 2013

Vertaallab 41 Donna Stonecipher – Model City [1] – [3]

————————————————Model City [1]   It was like coming out of an unfamiliar subway station headed for a destination and More...

By Rozalie Hirs On zondag, december 2nd, 2012

Vertaallab 40 Shane Anderson – IT GOES IN THE WIDTH

  IT GOES IN THE WIDTH   Through the double yellow an echo chamber lactates cat ear fixtures as quietly cultivated in the form of traffic jams nothings cheerfulness colonizers, poems of ecstasy, a variety More...