Gepubliceerd op: vrijdag 25 februari 2022

Fragments from Howl – Mami Kawasaki



who lounged hungry and lonesome through Houston seeking jazz or sex or soup, and followed the brilliant Spaniard to converse about America and Eternity, a hopeless task, and so took ship to Africa

(extract from the poem ‘Howl‘ by Allen Ginsberg. Copyright © Allen Ginsberg, 1956, 1961, used by permission of The Wylie Agency (UK) Limited)


artwork by Mami Kawasakibased on the selected fragment from Howl(click for enlargement)

artwork by Mami Kawasaki
based on the selected fragment from Howl
(click for enlargement)

Over de auteur

Ginsberg Year

- In 2022, it's been 25 years since US poet Allen Ginsberg died. We ask artists from all over the world to pick a fragment from his best-known poem Howl and create an artwork based on that fragment. A lively and fluid evaluation of what this amazing poem means in our times & a tribute to one of the best minds of the generations before us.