Gepubliceerd op: donderdag 19 juni 2014

New Russian Poetry #4: the Russian underground


WIth: Pavel Arsenev, Robbert-Jan Henkes, Dennis Ioffe, Matthijs Ponte, Barbara Schurz and Alexander Brener

Start 20:30 / Doors open 20:00
Entrance: 10 euro / 5 euro (discount)
Language: Dutch (readings) and English (lecture and interview)


From Pussy Riot to Chto Delat, Aleksandr Brener and Voina: contemporary Russia seems to be a particularly vivid and important terrain for experimenting with new forms of art and action. What part does poetry play in this?

During the last event in our series of new Russian Poetry, Perdu will investigate the role of poetry and the poetic act in present-day Russia. The program will feature the work of four ‘political’ Russian poets, who will appear in Dutch translation for the very first time: Aleksandr Skidan, Dmitri Golynko, Pavel Arsenev and Roman Osminkin. What characterizes their work is a critique of the capitalist system and the attempt to bridge art, theory and political activism.

Our special guests tonight will be Barbara Schurz and Alexander Brener, who infamously sprayed a dollar sign on Suprematism by Malevich in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam 1997, and poet and critic and activist Pavel Arsenev (1986). Arsenev, an active participant in the protest movements against Putin in 2011, is the editor in chief of Translit, a Petersburg journal for poetry and theory and a recipient of the prestigious Andrey Bely prize. He will read from his work and talk about his activities as a poet and activist in Russia.

A special publication on post-Soviet poetry, featuring the work of Kirill Medvedev, Dmitri Golynko, Pavel Arsenev and many more will be available as of tomorrow.

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