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Vertaallab 60 Jeroen Nieuwland – Diffractions


your chair is your enemy

the modern machines encourage you to sit down

I began dictating vertically  rapid heliospheres

she shows the inside of her skirt

first act of rebellion / final act of opportunism /

a manual for revolution  re-mind me  you were saying

of what  the people spoke  definitely nothing

that has not been done before

how to capture the beauty of bombs

to begin with change to 1st person

to describe the swell as it charges

your body  my headphones  a permeable force

of flow  ruthless sparrows  condition for the sky

that haunts them  every moment

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthese tallies

help puncture the rhythm  of fire

the benches command  upright positions

the people find ways  to sit crooked

the skaters taunt  taut lines of police

everyone = nice  my racism ≠ intentional

antifascist first aid brigade  walls of

police in monstergear  forceful separations

of the many variations  entropic movements

miracles of anarchy

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlittle figure &

her wide open space  desert in the city

everyone their own absolute open

brain folded into person  effigy of certain style

friendship barter  whiffs of affect  interlocking

killer robots  no man in the loop   speaking circles

self-reflexive   fractal conversation

two human animals   collide  with force of love

subjecting their  shared & individual positions

to sexed positions  difference wound & safe from harm

a pair of pairs of arms  encircling  cocktail

lulling chatter  syncopated  he sees

in her a kung fu fighter  the tracers  of her

circles charge his body forward  chest

swan song  shared days

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIf I were to kill you

I would choke you to death  it would be like

a condensed replaying of our relationship

I am ignorant but invite you to verify my suspicion

with me  heavy  yr load everywhere  cover all

shattered together  fitting odd out  pieces puzzle

their jagged thruways  works of passage

pin a pudding to a wall  the stories include

auto mutilation  try to shoot yourself in the face

handcuffed in a police car   the coppers

tell stories   the stories include  infractions on bodies

protected & destroyed  by law  the strong arm

through the door where you live

bodies   all manners of queer   different

monsters in town  what one needs

for another  what it takes   to become

ultra-evil   very fine   broken   sprayed

dazzled blind   fragile body  slash  mind

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe plural broken heads

they rename their city Dish for free satellite TV

one session please of hand-drill auto-trepanation

conveyor-belt 3rd-eye liberation & /or evacuation

little men in the head  we gladly feast on

those who would subdue us  wandering wombs

pockets of screaming for beauty

in things  why are you not me?  we trip up

a part of the world  tracing paper

coordinates  rip  sandpaper audio

across a collection of your bones

pretty harmonious wilderness

beauty is death in the morning  can I be

friends with a cop? policeperson soils

my sheets  I make my bed through her layers

shall I hold open her door? Should we speak

softly or more? Is that resist or desist?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlidless black box

without surface  every frame  a hedge fund on God

trap the motherfucker  kill her dead

vampire her ecstatic pulse  suck her instant bliss

bleed it through your skin  shadow figure of

everyone transposed  on everyone

some kind of deity  waking all at different times

waving double digit  billion arms super around

blümfarbwölkchen  gasmaskdervish  & the street

running out of the figures that emerge from some billow-

ing clouds, pushing strands of yellow night,

into the day “Çarşı, her şeye karşı!” every-

thing against everything else

in the world where we live in  if you can’t

find the object you are not going to get on the bus



Jeroen Nieuwland Diffractions

‘Diffractions’ is een gecompileerd fragment van het gelijknamige lange gedicht dat dit jaar verschijnt bij Veer Books. Verder werkt Jeroen Nieuwland (1978) aan een proefschrift over contingentie en hedendaagse poëzie (Charles Uni, Praag), is redacteur van VLAK tijdschrift & oprichter van  VLAK Itineraries, een nieuwe ebook serie. Zijn essays en gedichten verschijnen in Terrain: Essays on the New Poetics (Litteraria Pragensia), Dusie 16, Jacket2, The Rumpus, en Galatea Resurrects.

Over de auteur

- Rozalie Hirs is redacteur van de LL-serie (Lage Landen-serie) en Vertaallab op Ooteoote. Daarnaast is zij dichter van boeken en digitale media. Zie ook