Gepubliceerd op: dinsdag 26 februari 2013

You want to be MoMA’s Poet Laureate? Take it. It’s yours.

De kersverse zelfverklaarde Poet Laureate van het MoMa – Kenneth Goldsmith – schreef zijn eerste manifestje:

“While most of MoMA’s eyes are on the front door, ogling the bajillion dollars’ worth of art on the walls, poets tend to think about things differently, seeing potential in the negative spaces. Andy Warhol once said that if you want to collect something in New York, you’ve got to find something that no one else is interested in—hence his ridiculously extravagant collection of ceramic cookie jars (which became insanely valuable once he began collecting them). If Andy were alive today, he’d surely be interested in poetry: unoccupied, uncontested, unclaimed, and unloved. “

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