Gepubliceerd op: zondag 21 oktober 2012

Vertaallab 35 K. Lorraine Graham – SEVEN

Vertaallab is een serie op Ooteoote die dichters en schrijvers uit andere taalgebieden aan de lezer voorstelt. Elke aflevering minstens één, bij voorkeur nieuw, gedicht. Dat u mag vertalen, als u wilt. Graag zelfs, wat ons betreft. Post uw Nederlandse vertaling van onderstaand gedicht als reactie op dit bericht. Onderstaand gedicht is een voorpublicatie uit Graham’s komende bundel Clanging Symbols.



“Extreme California cheerleading,” nearly on the
tracks—open, open! Something happened
in some decade–a different decade than
this one. Something from—Spin. Rip. Foreign
and domestic. And small engines. Somehow this
is still the age of the car, not the plan.
The computer. Not….a narrow loss. I’ve underrated
Time; Love, I’m so tired. Something about
Cupid’s arrow becoming flees or
mosquitos–how corazon is masculine but open
can be either. Descriptions and modifiers can be
either. “Outbreak.” No–”Geakstreak.” “Sequoia
Corporate Office.” A mother. Son. And–
Space aliens. A policeman is
a male siren. Attorney–Atty. Leaning forward while
walking, leaning. Recession retreats at Spa
L’Auberge; coffee and dogs–a piece.
“Keep Arm In”–no translation for that. Even marketing
needs to be marketed. Bus waves to bus.
As self–container–possibly a voice. Cabaret.


K. Lorraine Graham (Virginia, 1978) resides in Southern California, where she recently completed an MFA in cross-genre writing at the University of California, San Diego. She grew up in Chile, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Mexico and China before graduating from high school in Blue Hill, Maine. During college, Graham travelled and worked in Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia and Harbin. In 2000, she graduated from George Washington University with a degree in East Asian Studies and Chinese. Before completing a Master’s degree in literature at Georgetown in 2005, she worked as an international public policy researcher in Washington, DC. From 2004-2005 she taught literary art and humanities at the Corcoran College of Art + Design and completed her first book, Terminal Humming (Edge, 2006). Graham has participated in international exhibitions and residencies, most recently at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Unnatural Acts, 2010), University of California San Diego (&Now, 2011), and Mobility Shifts (New York, 2011).

Over de auteur

- Rozalie Hirs is redacteur van de LL-serie (Lage Landen-serie) en Vertaallab op Ooteoote. Daarnaast is zij dichter van boeken en digitale media. Zie ook