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Lezers gezocht voor ‘Counter Punch! / Punch!’

Emilie Gallier is op zoek naar lezers voor de volgende performance, waaraan ook Daniël Rovers en Jannah Loontjes bijdragen:


sync is a small book that performs when it encounters the body of the reader. It is a poem, a choreography and an essay, to be read and experienced alone at home or immersed in the collective context of theatre.

The two formats – individual reading and collective reading – will be part of the ‘Counter Punch! / Punch!‘ festival of Dansmakers in Amsterdam.



De performances vinden plaats op:


11th of October at 16h, the book-club,

12 privileged persons get the book in advance for an individual reading experience. On the 11th, they gather to talk about it as a performance; together with Daniël Rovers, writer, and Emilie Gallier, choreographer.

Attention: reservation is required for earlier reception of the book, (Wednesday the 10th the latest), only a few places available!

–> see video on

On the 13th of October at 19h, the book-performance,

Collective reading of the book in a theatre context, gathered spectators read it at the same time and in the same space, they are spectators, performers, and writers at the same time.

–> see video on


Voor meer informatie over het festival en reserveren, zie


Concept en choreografie: Emilie Gallier

Poëzie: Jannah Loontjens

Essay: Daniel Rovers

Performers: publiek en lezers

Wintertuin Literair Productiehuis, Generale Oost Theater & Dans productiehuis, ArtEZ, PØST Cie Emilie Gallier

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