Gepubliceerd op: donderdag 14 juni 2012

De toekomst van Amerikaanse fictie volgens Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray debuteerde in 2009 met de kortverhalenbundel AM/PM en publiceerde begin dit jaar haar eerste roman Threats. Gray is de tweede auteur die door Flavorwire gepolst wordt naar de toekomst van de Amerikaanse fictie. Ze is, volgens de website, a damn fine writer, one who we think will carry the torch for years to come. She’s also, as you will see, quite funny. Maar hoe kijkt zij aan tegen de toekomst van de fictie in Amerika?:

“Fiction in general is going even more accessible. If you want to read a Polish novel set in 1963, you can find it in ten seconds. If you want a short story collection about jilted lovers written in 2012 but you want to read a review of your options first, BookRiot can help you out. We can get anything we want, whenever we want, and the individual becomes his own guide. I’d say the future of fiction will be even less curated, more egalitarian. It will be a good time for art and a bad time for making money, unless you are writing erotica, in which case it will be a really good time for making money.”

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