Gepubliceerd op: zondag 17 juni 2012

Carlos Fuentes: de schrijver als activist (interview)

Op Guernica is een onuitgegeven interview te lezen met Carlos Fuentes:

Guernica: Do you enjoy being on the road and visiting universities to talk to students?

Carlos Fuentes: Listen. I am a writer, and, as Silvia knows I spend all my day sitting before a notebook with a pen in hand, writing and writing and writing and reading and reading and reading. This is my life. From time to time I need a break. Giving lectures, traveling, going to the universities is a way of coming out of the solitude of writing, which I enjoy, I like, but I have to break it from time to time, and it is getting to know new people and young people, without consequences. So, it’s not bad. It’s simply my spring break.

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