Gepubliceerd op: zondag 22 april 2012

Nescio: te druk bezig met zonsondergangen beschrijven

The New York Times over Nescio:

“Nescio always tells his reader what women look like, but his male characters have little physical presence. They all sound like one another, and like whimsical young men everywhere. In fact the text often seems more closely related to memoir than fiction — the regrets of a businessman who wishes he had spent more time writing, and who might have been a better writer had he done so.

Later stories chronicle the fallen world of the mid-20th century, “the hell of cars”; and the last was written in 1942, when the Nazis ruled the Netherlands and a famine was looming. Nescio frequently, and rightly, laments the chopping down of trees. Nowhere does he mention the disappearance of Dutch Jews. He is too consumed with the challenge of describing a sunset.”

‘Amsterdam stories‘ van Nescio werd vertaald door Damion Searls.

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